Gina Bourne is a Vancouver Realtor, social media guru, and team member at Whiffin and Wilson (of Angel Hasman and Associates). Gina approached us looking for a timeless brand with a minimal yet luxe aesthetic. Her sophisticated personal vibe (check out her Instagram and you'll see what we mean) inspired me to focus on layered neutrals and clean, classic typography with natural lettering details.

Along with a complete family of logos, we also created a hand-drawn, botanical-inspired pattern that became a signature brand showpiece. Subtle yet stylish, the pattern evokes the nature that Vancouver is so well known for, while honoring Gina's love for beautiful interiors and her belief that, "to me, florals and greenery are truly what complete a home." Overall Gina's brand succeeds in appealing to high-end clients while staying approachable to the more modest buyer. 

timeless. natural. chic.

the brand in three words...