Launching Soon: Elegant, Customizable Marketing Templates for Realtors

April 1, 2020

Here’s what I’ve realized over the past few weeks: many of us are facing shifts in business structure, and in this time of uncertainty, “doing the work” is all about finding new ways to serve and adapt. 

Social media can be far too anxiety-inducing in the midst of it all. So for the past few weeks, I’ve kept online flurries to a minimum and focused on positive actions + stories instead. I’ve been watching you, my friends and clients in real estate, step up with creative ways to present information and interact with clients to keep momentum going.

Meanwhile I’ve been thinking hard about what I can do to help this amazing community around the BLUEPRINT studio. It feels important to acknowledge the demands of this time while still finding ways to support others with some pockets of “business normalcy” — like services that continue serving (albeit in new ways, for many, and I am as sensitive to those changes as the next small business owner!), launches that move forward to provide value (rather than halting out of fear), etc. — as we all take this season step by step.

I always care deeply about keeping things real and helping you succeed. In that spirit, I wanted to give you an update about a special project of mine that has been brewing for over 4 months and is finally close to completion.

If you’ve been following BLUEPRINT since the new year, then you may know that I am preparing to launch something very unique and (according to you friends who’ve given feedback) very needed in your businesses: 


A collection of digital marketing templates exclusively for Realtors.


Elegant. Modern. Completely customizable.

These will be professional, magazine-style client communication materials with luxe + lifestyle vibes. Meaning: they will not look remotely like the corporate-bleh, Microsoft-Word-stale, boxy-Power-Point-style “Realtor templates” you can find elsewhere on the Internet. (Because — *clears throat* — the 1980s called and they want those documents back.)



It’s time to finally look and feel the way you’ve always wanted to.

I truly believe that carefully articulated, beautifully branded communication documents are one of the most important things you can invest in for your real estate business. The more clearly you can share your story + processes, showcase your talent, and share expectations, the more smoothly a transaction will run. The more effectively you can position yourself as a necessity, not just a service. The more beautifully you will present at every touchpoint.

What type of documents are we talking about? Here’s exactly what I’m preparing to launch in the new BLUEPRINT online shop (in weekly updates to come, I’ll dive into each individual template in detail and show you the full Table of Contents for each one):



Presenting your story, values, services, processes, FAQs, social media, testimonials, a heartfelt thank you + call to action, and more. Think of this as a beautifully branded “first touch” document in your marketing system, designed for you to share with new leads that you meet in person or online via your database / drip campaign.


Presenting your listing goals and services, property-specific pricing model, property-specific marketing proposal, past successful listing case studies, property-specific repair recommendations, and more. This is your “pre-listing” pitch pack that sells the client on your credibility and tailored plan to sell their specific property, while prompting them to move forward in a committed home sale partnership with you.


Presenting everything your client needs to know as he/she prepares to conclude the buyer or selling journey with you. The Buyer Edition includes: pre-move and post-move checklists; information on utilities; the home warranty and the homestead exemption; new home organization tips, a referrals and testimonial request, and more. The Seller Edition includes: pre-move and closing day checklists; invitation to your additional or ongoing concierge services;  a referrals and testimonial request, and more.

If the Client Welcome Guide is your impressive “first touchpoint” with new leads, then the Goodbye Packets is your graceful exit.


Presenting who you are as a company, what makes you different, how you collaborate with + serve your agents, what unique educational or revenue-sharing perks your model offers, how to dialogue with your leadership team, and more. Designed as a warm, professional pitch pack for brokerage heads or team leaders to share with new agent recruits.


I honestly consider these templates to be true passion project and labor of love for me; I’m the only one who’s had a hand on their development from beginning to now. As a former Keller Williams agent, and former Marketing Director for a real estate team, I have a deep personal understanding of who you are and how you need to communicate as an expert in your niche. 

And, well, you know me. As a designer, I’ve obsessive about the details. So apart from delivering truly elegant designs?

I am taking these products a step further by providing highly quality, curated imagery (100% license-free for your use) and extensive professional copywriting built into each PDF template. Saving you hours of writing your own polished copy, finding and editing your own images, and answering the same client questions over and over again in a transaction. 

Each template will be available in an online shop for instant download + customization in Canva, where you can quickly change colors, font styles, and images easily as wanted or needed to fit your personal brand.

This means that from the moment a new lead pops into your inbox, all the way to the polished closing table finish, you’ll have the communication tools to take clients on a thoughtful, beautiful, and informed journey with you or your team. (Did I mention that the templates will be available in both “solo agent” and “team” variations? You can choose the format that best reflects your business voice and structure.)

My heart is to serve, especially in this time. If updating client communication materials has moved up on your list, while you do your part to flatten the curve, then know that I’m here for you. Your business needs you more than ever right now. It’s time to ramp up marketing your business, rather than pull back.

Remember: the extra time we have to ourselves right now is an immense gift to your business. In a whirlwind industry where it’s always about the client work, we never have this kind of dedicated time to our own materials.

A temporary season of uncertainty is not the time for us to quit showing up for each other. Let’s level up, not tap out.

For the next four weeks I’ll be sending out once-a-week updates via email / the blog with updates on the templates, so you can see sneak peeks of what’s about to launch and start planning for how to incorporate the PDFs into your personal marketing ecosystem. I’ll give plenty of my own tips, too. And over launch week, you’ll have the chance to win a free template as well (sounds like a #giveaway to me). So stay tuned! We’re getting close to opening those Shop doors, friend.

Click here if you’re not already on the launch list. See ya next week.

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