How To Craft An Impressive Realtor Welcome Email That CONVERTS

October 11, 2023

Here’s a question for you, AND a fresh, ROI-rich real estate brand challenge to go with it.

When a new buyer or seller lead lands in your Inbox, exactly what kind of email do they receive from you in reply?

Is it BORING? — As in: a 2-3 sentence, CRM-automated-sounding email that thanks them for inquiring and says you’ll be reaching out soon?

Is it NOTHING AT ALL? — As in: New Lead inquires, you see their email come in, New Lead *waits in Inbox silence* until you call them later?

Talk about a HUGE missed opportunity.

Let’s talk about creating an impressive Realtor Welcome Email for your new leads.

Best case scenario, every new lead you receive is immediately dropped into an automatic “drip” sequence of 5-7 emails from you, dripped out over a 2-week period — this is your Email Welcome Series — that effectively converts them from “new lead” to “committed client.”

But it’s okay to start small. Today let’s focus on creating + deploying one strong, elegant Welcome Email that is versatile for ALL your new leads and helps you take action immediately.

An impressive, conversion-focused Welcome Email for your real estate business has three core pillars:

01 – Elegant, personalized copywriting to establish distinction and build trust;

02 – A customized Welcome Guide to showcase your brand, values and offerings, while positioning yourself as the true authority;

03 – A strong, specific CTA that prompts their immediate action.

I’m going to give you a beautiful Realtor Welcome Email template script that you can swipe and use immediately. But, two disclaimers.

First: the script I’m giving you is the same one I use for our own studio Welcome Email, for new Realtor leads who complete our online inquiry form for our branding or copywriting services.

I’m sharing this script because A) It works incredibly well and you could say I’m biased, and B) With a few mindful adjustments, this email script truly works well for any business, anywhere.

Second disclaimer: in the Welcome Email script that follows, you’ll notice that I include brackets indicating your need to link out to some exterior items…

The first is a link to your customized Realtor Welcome Guide PDF.

If you already have one of these ready-to-go, perfect. Well done, you!

If you don’t have a Realtor Welcome Guide set up (and you also have no clue what I’m talking about??), then go visit our online Shop right now and snag yours.

With your customized Welcome Guide ready to go, the only other missing piece here is your CTA (call-to-action) that prompts the lead to take action.

Within our own studio Welcome Email, after we link out to personal BLUEPRINT Welcome Guide / Service Investment Guide, our CTA is a link to Calendly (an online appointment scheduling software), so Realtors can schedule their consult call with me.

Looks like this:



(Obviously, this is YOUR business and system. Your CTA can be whatever you darn want it to be. Tools like Calendly work marvelously as a CTA, because if someone takes the time to complete a scheduling form and book a call with you, then you know they mean business.)

Okay, ready for my swipe-and-go Realtor Welcome Email script? 

Here you go:


“Hi [Lead Name],

Thank you so much for reaching out! This is [Your/Realtor Name], Realtor + Founder at [Real Estate Company Name].

Buying or selling a home is such a personal process, and my team and I are honored to be considered as partners in your unique journey.

01. Our Welcome Guide is linked below, which outlines our signature holistic approach to the real estate process, details on how and why we do things differently, and more:


If you’ve reviewed our Guide and now feel ready to move forward? We are strategic about the clients we work with from month to month, to keep the experience personal and inspired, where every client receives the one-on-one attention they deserve.

02. Please click the link below to answer a few quick questions about your upcoming home purchase or sale needs and to schedule a 20-min consult call with me (don’t hold back, it’ll be fun):


I’ve built my business model to provide clients like you with easy yet sophisticated tools to make the real estate journey successful AND enjoyable.

You won’t need to settle for quick-fix, big-box “solutions” or a stuffy real estate pro who doesn’t value your needs the way you do.

Instead, you’ll be equipped with the full tools and support of a highly caring, wildly meticulous consultant who knows how to cut through the transaction clutter…and earn your trust as a friend along the way.

Again, so grateful for your interest in working together. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sincerely, [Your Name]”


And there you have it.

One email = countless new opportunities to STAND OUT in the sea of Average Agent Sameness, simply because you:

– took the time to extend a warm + gracious welcome,

– establish the relationship on solid ground,

– show people you care,

and impress the heck out of the people who matter most to your business.

Sometimes, gaining the upper hand in the *experiences* your real estate business provides ISN’T about creating all-new pathways to impress and engage.

Sometimes, it’s way more about growing your awareness around brand communication pathway that ALREADY exist within your business — that you’ve been overlooking.

These pathways have massive ROI for your business. 

They’re the less-trodden pathways that many business owners (particularly frazzled Realtors) ignore…

…like the Realtor Welcome Email.

If you aren’t treating this initial touchpoint with a new lead, buyer or seller, like the GOLDMINE of opportunity for trust, relationship and *conversion* that it is, then you’re losing sales you don’t need to be.

I say this with absolute confidence, having tested this both ways AND consulted with Realtors who have tested this both ways.

Along with a stunning, well-crafted + well-written Welcome Guide of our own within this studio, an effective Welcome Email for our new Realtor client leads is single-handedly the most critical + powerful tool in our personal conversion arsenal.

All of this *immediately actionable.*

Look at where your new leads are landing and sitting. 

Pay attention to those interim “gap moments” — likely BEFORE you’ve called them on the phone, or before they’ve decided to call you — and turn them into an invitation for them to experience your personality, voice, edge, and authentic heart as a real estate professional.

Give this a try for 30 days and then report back to me. 😉

It WILL make a difference.

At best, you’re converting more leads.

At worst, you’re ridiculously memorable.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

P.S – What’s BLUEPRINT, again? 

We’re a gaggle of designers, writers, and creatives on a mission to change the branding narrative in real estate.

We offer a signature branding service and the industry’s most elegant and high-converting digital products to help modern, stylish Realtors do three things:

➝ Communicate their worth;

➝ Become the obvious choice;

➝ Tell the right stories to stand out + SELL more.

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