Traci Shulkin, a luxury Realtor out of Boston / Weston, and her team came to BLUEPRINT looking for a beautifully bold rebrand that would translate not only into the traditional Realtor print products, but into a major swag product line + incredible digital marketing experience.

"No Mom-and-pop operation here," she told us. "We're cutting edge, always looking for a new and better kind of marketing, and we need our brand to demonstrate our stance." Her final brand family truly reflects that sentiment, propelled by a cool, youthful aesthetic where both luxury and relatability converge.

High-impact typography, minimalist yet clever iconography (a seamless merging of the business name initials into one), and boldly styled marks + patterns define the Traci Shulkin Group aesthetic. Unexpected groupings of type and graphic elements are utilized in the logo family system, creating a welcoming, contemporary solution for a real estate team focused on building their own luxury lifestyle brand.

bold. luxe. urban cool.

the brand in three words...