My No-Fail Instagram Content Calendar + Caption Kickstarters for Realtors

January 8, 2021

Alright, friends. We’ve been here before, talking about social media mentality + Instagram tips, remember? But today I’d like to get extremely practical.

Let’s talk Instagram captions + content scheduling.

When you’re putting out new content on multiple accounts every day, it’s easy to feel uninspired, like you’re recycling the same types of images and words over and over. The key to variety (and efficiency) is creating and maintaining an Instagram editorial calendar that loosely follows a customized formula. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re prone to stressing about social media engagement and relying on posting in-the-moment…but I encourage you to take a step back and create a plan for your posts. Scheduling content in advance will save your mental energy for the actual work of real estate, while enabling you to maintain an active online presence.

It all starts with a content block. A “content block” is a series of 12 business days worth of content for your social channels.

Think of it as a roadmap or “blueprint” (WINK-WINK) of your working communication strategy. This system takes the guesswork and, frankly, procrastination, out of posting on any social media channel. 

Because when you take a proactive approach to social, as opposed to a reactive approach, you will be better prepared to stay available to clients while generating more interest about your brand.

The sample outline below is similar to what we recommend to our own clients here at B studio. 

I recommend preparing 12 days worth of content at a time for your Instagram to keep things fresh +timely, while still bulk scheduling so there is an intentional narrative woven throughout.

(By the way, for post scheduling, check out the platform, “Later.” It allows you to schedule, manage, and analyze your Instagram posts all with just a few clicks. You can import your photos and drag and drop them into place, so you can see what your overall grid looks like. You can also pre-type captions, descriptions, automate a first comment with hashtags, and more.)



One brand shoot image that you can tie in with a specific example of your problem solving. Share how you helped your client overcome some transaction-related issue and demonstrate your expertise.



One detail shot (artwork, pillow arrangement, etc.) accompanied by a design/decor concept you wish to highlight.The caption should resonate and inspire via both words and good design.



One highly quality/branded “JUST LISTED”or “JUST SOLD” graphic, sharing a particular listing. Or, this is a good day for a listing video or market update — just keep the visual attractive and on-brand.



One detail or lifestyle shot, tied in with a “frequently asked question” you receive in your work, and give us your insights. Or, share a buyer or seller-specific tip or home organization hack that others will find helpful.



One high-quality headshot of you with a caption that shares about your experience and skill and even a fun tidbit of trivia. Speak candidly and allow your personal warmth to shine.



One high quality / branded graphic, sharing a brief but strong testimonial statement from a happy past client. Keep the review text minimal in the graphic; expand on story in the caption.



One candid, lifestyle shot of you in action, accompanied by a caption you can tie into something personal about your life, story, or community (think: you at a coffee shop, interacting with your pet or child, etc.)



Asking questions about your community, or asking for recommendations in areas like travel, organization, or cooking, is a proven way to really boost engagement with your followers.



One shot of a favorite community hotspot or neighborhood, accompanied by a caption that describes what you love about the shop/area highlighted.



Recycle, recycle, recylce. Use today as a chance to showcase a favorite past renovation or client closing, or refer to a past blog post or fun community event. Don’t be afraid to recycle an old image – just keep it to 3 weeks or older.



One candid, “work life” shot of you in action, accompanied by a caption you can tie into a recent blog post or phase of your transaction process (think: writing a thank-you card, staging a living room for a seller, etc.)


12 – DAY OFF

This is your opportunity to post a more lifestyle-centric image that isn’t directly related to your design work. Give your audience a peek into your life behind the scenes, but keep it in line with your aesthetic.


As you move forward with implementing your Content Blocking System on Instagram, here are some important caption considerations to keep in mind. When writing captions for social media, remember that the verbiage should:

– Be conversational.

– Evoke feeling and emotion.

– Feel exclusive (like you’re sharing something with THIS specific audience).

– Get to the point (because, let’s admit it…we all scroll pretty quickly).

Below you’ll find a list of 6 thoughtful and effective “caption kickstarters” to help elevate an on-brand storytelling approach on your Instagram account.



Example: “If you’re anything like me, you don’t excited at the thought of paying ANY extra monthly fees that have no direct benefit to you. I’ve got a tip for you. One little-known way to reduce your monthly mortgage payment (if you’re purchasing a home with less than 20% down) is to ask your lender about single-pay mortgage insurance: in short, it’s an added fee with a pretty favorable upside. …”



Example 1: “If I could go back to my early days in the real estate business, and give my rookie agent self one piece of advice? It would be to {insert advice here}. What would you tell your former self, just starting out in business, if you could?”

Example 2: “When my favorite home decor boutique launches a collaboration with a local furniture designer I know and love? I hop right into my car and ensure I’m one of the first in line come launch day, because this new collection by Amber McGee and Jade Furniture — now on display in Amber’s downtown storefront — has a few pieces that I already know are perfect for my home office.”



Example: “Most small businesses fail within their first 5 years. It’s a reality many of us might not want to face, but it’s also one we can beat. Find out how to increase your chances of beating the odds in today’s blog post! [insert link OR #linkinprofile]”



Example: “Settling into a morning routine that started my body and mind on a positive, truly productive track used to feel elusive. (I’ve never been a morning person, as my husband will attest.) That is…until I started working through the Morning Yoga Sequence from Oaklyn, protecting 30 quiet moments every day on my back porch to ground and energize myself for the day ahead. I’m honestly amazed at the difference it’s made to my gratitude and overall headspace during the week. …”



Example: “Pro tip, friends! Using multiple shades of the same color immediately makes a room look polished and pulled together, and it’s a trick that you can’t get wrong. Layer the same color or vary variations mixing texture and pattern into the mix. Start with a failsafe array of sofa cushions and then move onto larger items and structural parts of a room. For instance, painting a piece of furniture the same color as the wall behind. Want more on this? I’ve got a whole article for you on the blog today. #linkinprofile”



Example: “I help Austin families find their perfect ‘move-up’ homes, but the difference is that I only provide the most practical and stress-free tools to help them connect with the right properties during the touring process. Because I know you’re not trying to see every possible home on the market…you just want to find the home that is perfectly tailored and available for YOU.”

I’m always improving in the areas of forethought + consistency in the social space as well. It’s challenging. But in the end, I truly do believe that structure creates room for creativity. And social media scheduling is no different. Having a purpose behind your posting from week to week will give you valuable direction so that you have a launching pad for fresh, inspiring content.

Cheers to you, friend –

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