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It’s all about *the power of the P.S.* in your marketing emails to create conversion.

Let’s play a game, and give your real estate service pitch a complete 180 strategy makeover while we’re at it.

Turns out there’s a big catch with the Typical Realtor Marketing Approach…

If you can build trust with one tiny offer first, everything else will follow.

While the design of your website might be the key to trust, the copywriting of your website is the key to CONVERSION.

When you say and do what your competitors are unwilling to say and do, therein lies the differentiation.

If you do this right, your personal brand is the one thing your competitors can’t swipe.

We shop with our hearts, not our heads.

Start with leaning into emotional appeal and using value-linking to motivate your audience of buyers and sellers.

*Positioning* matters far more than niching. Nail your positioning and your niche will take care of itself.