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Through my work in the real estate space, I’ve run into two metaphors that Realtors and teams seem to use every day, so deeply ingrained in their psyches that I’ve stopped thinking of them as metaphors at all. …

Business naming can be a tough topic, and I have quite a lot to say about it, because it’s deeply tied to the branding process for so many Realtors.

Let’s talk Instagram captions + content scheduling. I recommend preparing 12 days worth of content at a time for your Instagram to keep things fresh +timely, while still bulk scheduling so there is an intentional narrative woven throughout…

If you’re looking for some truly PRACTICAL + actionable tips that you can apply to improve your real estate website this week — this is for you.

After years of experience in working in + for the real estate industry, we’ve learned a thing or to about how to handle social media in this space. Here are our top 5 “quick tips” for Realtors looking to shift their social media mindsets for the better and do Instagram well…

Today is an exciting day here at BLUEPRINT, as we have the opportunity to chat one-on-one with Brett Tubbs, our new Editorial Manager at the studio. Based in Virginia, Brett worked extensively in the journalism + PR world before copywriting her way into the heart of BLUEPRINT. Let’s just say that our admiration for her […]

The holiday season came in hot and left just as quickly, and now it’s on to budgets, goals, and projects. I’m super serious about using the right tools to keep my clients happy and my small business running smoothly—and I know the rest of you are, too. Here, I have compiled a list of my […]

Despite my (obvious) love for design, I am also a former journalist and writer by training. The power of storytelling is extremely important to me, a focal point of everything I create. My love for excellent content often leads to chats with my clients about—you guessed it—how to communicate the strategy + story behind their […]

Social media has changed the landscape of real estate marketing more than ever before, which is why I always encourage agents to prioritize the visual appeal of their businesses. You can’t skimp on the excellence of the images you put out to the world. They inherently reflect the excellence of your brand. Agents, you need […]