How to UNBORING Your Realtor Bio (+ Meet Ronny)

June 17, 2023

Caroline here.

Let’s kick things off with a little friendly agent networking. There’s a guy we need you to meet.

Scroll for a photo of our friend, Ronny the Realtor, who’s in a bit of a marketing bind.

Other than the fact that he’s clearly rushing to his next showing, and clearly late – Ronny is struggling with his real estate bio.

Naturally, he gave our Realtor brand-loving studio a ring for advice + a rewrite.

Our discovery questions uncovered that Ronny happens to have a cool underdog transformation story, leads one of Austin’s top-producing RE teams, and is also a coach + educator for other Realtors looking to uplevel their digital marketing and social media strategies.

Ronny then shared his current bio draft with us. It reads:

“Hi! My name is Ronny and I’m a top producing Realtor in Austin, Texas, with a team that has ranked in the top 5% of production in our area for the past five years. I’m also an innovative educator for digital marketing and social media for other Realtors. As a self-made, self-taught professional, I overcame many personal life challenges to build the career I’m proud to own today.”

Our challenge? Rewrite Ronny’s Realtor bio in a way that:

  • Doesn’t sound braggy;
  • Still communicates his expertise;
  • Makes him seem interesting (like, maybe he’s actually shunned the generic corporate LinkedIn-flavored sameness of agents online);
  • Asks people to fall in love with his unique story and personality.

Our rewrite is below. We went back to the basics of using Ronny’s own voice and then actually telling a story, while also weaving in some guiding light questions for a more fun-loving bio (like: how would a sarcastic friend describe Ronny? what are some things he’s actually terrible at? what is true about him, that is personal instead of just professional?).

Have a read:


Hi! I’m Ronny.

I’m a Tabasco Red Sauce devotee (leading with obvious priorities), Realtor, YouTuber, serial road tripper, and father of three.

I tend to attract attention for my irreverent voice on social media, but if we’re talking “professional” here, then I’ve keynoted real estate digital marketing strategies everywhere from Asheville to Austin, and my team has held a premiere track record for homes sales in the Austin area for the past five years.

Side note — I also teach social media strategies to Realtors as a tool for self-reinvention, and there is not a competitive sport I will not humiliate myself attempting. (Currently working on pickleball.)

But, my bio used to be much different. (Not the competitive sport part. Always been subpar at that.)

Trailer park resident. Skinny guy with social anxiety. Food stamps. Dead ends.

I didn’t even know what the word “entrepreneurial” meant back then.

Fast forward three years and [insert Ronny’s transformation moment and dive into real estate, and what followed from there] …

…If you’re a fellow Realtor, let’s reinvent the heck out of your life and your work, and leverage the power of human-centric social media so you can become radically different and self-reliant in this space, too.

If you’re a fellow good-hearted human looking buy or sell in the Austin area? Start by visiting my link in bio — excited to see you there.

– Ronny


What in the name of sweet commission checks just happened there?!

Ronny’s bio is now:

Conversational, compelling, client-focused, storyfull, and fun.

It’s now converting people, instead of sounding like the carpet of an event hall inside a suburban Marriot.

We helped Ronny resist and defy the dictatorship of generic Realtor bios.

(And he thanks us. Even though his spontaneous bio rewrite sit-down with our team made him a wee bit late to his next showing…and when he DID finally get there, and showed the home, his buyers proceeded to loudly and casually share the details of their highest and best offer on the front porch. In FRONT of the Ring doorbell, WHILE the sellers listened in and laughed. Better luck next time, Ronny.)

Spoiler alert:

You will be seeing more of our man, Ronny the Realtor – rushing somewhere, frantic and mildly disheveled, likely overcaffeinated, briefcase in tow – in your Inbox and IG feeds from us in the days to come. In the meantime, we hope this was a fun exercise (maybe a little inspiring for your RE bios, too).

Cheers to you —

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