What are you the Realtor poster child for?

June 17, 2023

What are you the Realtor poster child for?

It’s a great question, because it’s straight to the point. Say you’re trying to brand yourself — or even just determine the theme of your content, values, or SM profiles — this is a question with answers that pay off.

What are you the poster child for?

At BLUEPRINT, our answer is simple: we are the poster child for modern, stylish Realtors who want to communicate their worth to stand out + sell more.

We aren’t actually the poster child for real estate branding, marketing, copywriting, or creativity. While all of these things are within our zone of genius, none of them are an actual, authentic idea.

They’re pieces of what we do. They aren’t who we are as an agency.

What do you stand for? What do you want your work to stand for?

Are you the poster child for helping women navigate divorce with grace, while also helping them make decisions about home that enable them to thrive financially and live peacefully? Our Vancouver Realtor friend/client, Tanis, is this.

Are you the poster child for scared, sweet first-time homebuyers who are just looking for a kind, trustworthy Realtor-Gandalf to lead the way?

Are you the poster child for “art meets real estate,” where from consulting on interiors to hosting elaborate exhibits at luxury listings, you’re known for your artisan touch?

Frequently, the true difference and service of what you do is undermined. 

Frequently, we get lost in the nitty-gritty of the daily operations, and forget that we’re ALL poster children for something—

Whether we actually told that story to the market or not.

If you’re a good Realtor, but don’t feel like the poster child of anything…then give time to your passions as much, or more, as your real estate business.

The simple fact that you’re in business isn’t exciting to anyone except you. 

But if you give people something about you to focus on  “I am the poster child for ___ . This is exactly what I stand for, and selling real estate is just a byproduct of that identity”  then suddenly you have an edge.

People can form their good or bad opinions of you from there.

What matters is that you did your part in giving them a niche stance to either reject or fall in love with. And if they fall in love?

Your brand did its job and your highly valuable service now has the opportunity to serve.

What are you the poster child for?

Always drop us a line if you want to chat more —

P.S – What’s BLUEPRINT, again? 

We’re a gaggle of designers, writers, and creatives on a mission to change the branding narrative in real estate.

We offer a signature branding service and the industry’s most elegant and high-converting digital products to help modern, stylish Realtors do three things:

➝ Communicate their worth;

➝ Become the obvious choice;

➝ Tell the right stories to stand out + SELL more.

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