How To Create A Sophisticated, Out-Of-The-Box Campaign for Relo Buyers

December 8, 2023


Let’s set up today with a simple 4-step, rinse-and-repeat marketing strategy for relocation buyers that no one else in your area is doing.

Oh, and you’ll look really damn good while you’re doing it, too.


STEP ONE: Partner Up

First off, grassroots-style, I would curate a network of local Airbnb host “partners.”

This would look like reaching out to + forming connections with the hosts of high-end vacation rentals / Airbnbs in my area, asking their permission to place a simple print piece in their rentals with a QR code.

The QR code would link to my local “Austin Insiders” community Guide that is beautiful, personalized and informative.

I’d approach the hosts with a laid-back but crystal-clear pitch about what’s in it for THEM — I.e., this is a sophisticated local guide, something sustainable + updated, definitely an amenity that guests will appreciate and mention fondly in reviews. Etc.

Making this campaign about the host would be a smooth pathway to developing mutually beneficial partnerships for my real estate business. 


STEP TWO: Create My Community Guide

I would use our BLUEPRINT Relocation Guide template and, for this particular campaign, make a few simple tweaks to restructure it as a true “community info only” magazine.

This means my relocation services messaging within the Guide becomes more of a subtle “cherry on top,” rather than a core content pillar. So I’ll need to make some quick edits to soften the language.

(Also, of course, my aim is to keep things pure my relationship with the vacation rental hosts. In proposing this brand partnership, I am promising to enhance THEIR client experience journey by gifting them an uncommonly excellent community guide for incoming visitors. This is all about making the host look good, with a free side-dish of non-sleazy, feel-good-content visibility + marketing memorability for me. Everybody wins.)

To restructure the Relocation Guide template specifically for this Airbnb campaign, I would do the following (note: you can skip through this section if you don’t already have our Relocation Guide template; just come back for the edits details later!):

  • Tweak the “Introduction” language of Pages 1-3 so it removes “relocation” as hard-pitch service lingo, and replaces it with the language of community concierge team, local experts, etc. I would hint at the services my team and I provide to out-of-state buyers, without “making the pitch.”
  • Delete Pages 4-7, which focus on my Austin market share, special relocation service offerings, etc. These pages are perfect for more my more direct marketing campaign flows, but are too service-direct for this community magazine.
  • Customize Pages 10-51, that are already perfectly structured out the gate to paint a vivid and relational picture of my city and everything it offers within an elegant lifestyle magazine approach. From articulating what makes Austin different to highlighting its key cultural / dining / recreational features (and so much more), I would fully deliver on the my “community guide” promise.
  • Tweak the concluding language of Page 55  to make a soft pitch for my relocation services. Again, I would not use the word “relocation.” The language shifts to: Looking to make a big move to to Austin this year? Need more info on living or investing in my city? Etc. After a few simple tweaks, I conclude the Guide with my contact info clearly outlined.



STEP THREE: Create + Link My Relo Landing Page

On the digital “back cover” of my Guide, I will spell out a simple URL that, if typed into a web browser, will take visitors to a unique online landing page on my real estate website all about my Austin relocation services. 

This creates an opportunity for me to go ahead and make that “hard pitch” to my hottest relo leads who read and love my Airbnb community guide, while keeping that next step — of visiting my website and giving me their contact info — entirely optional for them. 

If a hot lead from the Airbnb DOES visit my landing page as a result of reading my community Guide, and they opt in with their email to learn more about my services? Then my workflow is primed to automatically funnel them into a 5-6 email drip campaign spread over two weeks, tailored specifically to converting the Austin relocation buyer.

Maybe I’m giving them a cool freebie as incentive to opt in on this landing page, too. Like: “Enjoyed my community Guide? You’ll LOVE my seasonal brochure, Top Current Events in Austin This Summer!” Something uber specific like that.

Once they opt in, my real relationship cycle with the lead begins.



As a sweet bonus: Remember the various pages of content from the BLUEPRINT Relocation Guide that I had deleted from the original template (see content edit details above), as part of tweaking the Guide for the Airbnbs? ALL of that pre-written copy can be instantly recovered + recycled BACK into my relocation email drip campaign. 

The email drip is where I SHOULD make the hard pitch and articulate the details of my concierge relocation service warmly and in detail. The elegant copywriting built into the original Relocation Guide template will make this part of my follow-up process effortless. 

STEP FOUR: Deliver

It’s now time to execute my personalized campaign. I would:

  • Create the QR code linking directly to my customized community Guide that is hosted online via Dropbox, Google Drive or an online “flip book” hosting platform like Issue.
  • Format the QR code in a print piece via Canva. I’ll create a postcard-size print piece with clean design that leads in with a community-focused, visitor-centric header. Like: “Ready to live like a local? Get our free AUSTIN Community Guide.” Minimal branding from me at the bottom. Think along these lines:



I would then laminate my QR code postcard, or pop it into a cost-effective placard, for professional presentation across the Airbnbs.

And there you have it!

An easy, low-cost, feel-good strategy for targeting high-end relocation buyers – that wins you valuable community partnerships in the process – using pre-built resources to make it all happen QUICKLY (I mean, COULD our Relo Guide template be any easier or more versatile?) + out-of-the-box thinking that will SET YOU APART from the standard agent marketing approach. 

If you’re ready to execute and majorly ramp up an all-new relocation buyer strategy, then PSA – $50 OFF our all-new Relocation Guide Canva template expires soon. Lock in the savings now with code “RELO50” at checkout.

Cheers to you and your brand success, always —


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