Don’t Have A Real Estate “Niche?” Stop Stressing And Focus On THIS Instead

October 16, 2023

Here’s a new way of thinking about this.

A lot of you are tying yourselves up in knots about a real estate niche. 

Like, the fact that you don’t have one and you think you should. 

“But what if I’m just not into ONE specific client category? How will I appear distinctive from all the specialist Realtors?” 

I’m not here to say that having a niche doesn’t boost visibility (and your reputation in crowded categories). 

It does. I’ve built my entire business around the exclusively of a niche. And, I credit what is likely an abnormally fast trajectory for growth and “success” — in the early days when I first launched — to my niche Realtor focus that made me extra discoverable in a sea of equally excellent, ambitious creative agencies. 

But here’s the thing. 

*Positioning* matters far more than niching. Nail your positioning and your niche will take care of itself. 

What if, instead of relying on the specificity of a niche client category, you focused on repositioning yourself away from your real estate service as the hero of the marketing story — and you made Buyer / Seller the hero instead? 

Traditional niche-category RE marketing aims to conquer prospects into submission: “I specialize in military relocation, so if that’s you, know that I’m the BEST because that’s ALL I do.” … 

Whereas positioning in a prospect-first way starts by inviting the buyer or seller on a kind of journey to a happier place. 

Real Estate Promised Land, if you will.

That means the goal of your marketing messaging should be to answer some big, prospect-first questions… 

How is Real Estate Promised Land too hard to reach if they DON’T link arms with you? 

What ruin is at stake for them if they go it alone, making their status quo untenable? 

Prospect-first positioning doesn’t seek attention. It seeks validation from the prospect: “Ohhh yes. This Realtor is telling my story!” 

Any marketer can do this. 

Every marketer should. 

Niche or no niche, but especially if you don’t have a niche and you’re stressing over visibility — 

Remove yourself from the center of the brand narrative and put your people there instead. 

Tell us the better story.

Watch what happens.


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