How To Create a Buyer or Seller Lead Magnet That Actually Converts

April 9, 2024

Yesterday I had a chat with a Realtor stressing over her lead magnet strategy.

“I need some great BIG freebies for social media, something that will send people to my link-in-bio and actually close the loop so they don’t click away,” she said. “I’m stuck. What’s converting well these days?”

We had a long conversation, but the heart of the matter came down to one thing:

If you build trust with one tiny offer first, everything else will follow.

Here’s what we often miss about building trust:

A) It should start situationally,


B) It should involve one TINY offer that broadens and deepens from the initial contact.

I once contacted a local upholstery cleaning service to get a quote for the professional deep clean of every carpeted room in my home.

The service provider scheduled an initial consult with me. When his walk-about was done, instead of giving a quote on the spot for the (very large) job I originally asked for, he said,

“We’re going to do a great job for you with these carpets. I’ll email that quote later. In the meantime, how about we book you for a quick upholstery cleaning of your living room couches? I’ll give you 20% off our standard rate and send our guys first thing tomorrow morning.”

Of course I said yes; it was too easy. He offered me a small introductory service and sealed the deal with a discount.

Another example is the American Airlines technique.

They often have frequent flyer programs that allow customers to collect bonus points that go toward free travel.

This encourages loyalty — incentivizing happy customers to commit to one airline only — and in return, the airlines gain both the trust of the customer AND their permission to collect data and send relevant marketing.

Conversion is a journey of layers. Don’t complicate that first step.

Have a “tiny offer” that is a no-brainer, shows good faith, and gives your buyer or seller lead something they really need or want, and quickly.

So, application time.

Maybe your Instagram link-in-bio isn’t a cold-pitch URL that sends them straight to a scheduling link to book a consult call with you.

That’s a mighty big ask.

Instead, maybe they give you their email address in exchange for your really beautiful, fully on-brand, and relationally-driven Realtor Welcome Guide.

Talk about a fun, gorgeous intro piece to you that requires no effort on either side. But it sure packs a brand personality punch + shows you have the dignity and 

wherewithal to set yourself apart, right from the start.

Or, maybe they give their email address in exchange for your personalized Relocation Guide that tells them everything they need to know about moving to + thriving in your local area, and so much more.

Talk about enormous value. You just saved them hours of anxious Google searches, impressed their socks off AND gently pitched your real estate services at the Guide’s end in a way that goes down smooooooth as butter, with true warmth and grace.

This is a subtle, yet essential, mindset shift around “lead conversion.”

Instead of looking at your magnet/freebie ideas and asking, “What’s converting well these days?”…

Ask yourself this:

“What’s just one TINY offer that’s a smart, easy introduction to me, and puts my brand personality on full display?”

“What will give instant value to the lead and feel like a no-brainer, without bogging them down with too much info?”

You don’t need to overwhelm the lead, OR yourself, with a complex lead magnet that shares too much content, too fast.

In our desire to “do the different thing” and be unmissable, we often raise the bar way too high at point of initial contact.

Think feel-good. Think low-lift.

From this first light touch of initial contact, trust broadens and deepens.

Because it’s not a lead magnet.

It’s a trust builder.



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