The Key To A Winning Realtor Service Pitch

April 13, 2024

Here’s a hot take for your Saturday:

Great real estate service pitches don’t start with solving problems for your clients and leads.

You’re probably familiar with this Typical Marketing Approach: Lay out the problem your customer faces, then introduce the service you’ve built to solve it, and hope they magically buy into your offer.

But there’s a big catch with that.

When you tell home buyers and sellers that they have a problem, there’s a decent chance they’ll scrolllllll on by (say, if you’re calling out the “problem” on social media) or they’ll get defensive because 

A) they don’t believe they have a real estate problem that needs solving, or 

B) they’re afraid to admit to having a problem (“Oh yeah, he’s right. My FSBO HASN’T budged in a month and I haven’t even had a showing.”) Because then you’ll try sell them on something, right?

Building your pitches around this traditional problem/solution framework doesn’t work well.

Here’s why:

Naming problems doesn’t convey WHY your audience should CARE.

We can study any engaging movie and see how screenwriters don’t jump aggressively into action until the audience understands what’s at stake.

Take Star Wars.

Before Luke sets out to rescue Leia, Obi-Wan shares:



We as the audience now understand that Star Wars will be about more than  solving a princess’s problem. Her salvation — and Darth Vader’s defeat — will be in service to helping the entire galaxy return to safer, joyful times.

What does that mean for your marketing content?

If you want to HOOK your buyer and seller prospects — especially on social media, when the sales cycle is shortened and urgency is needed to engage people quickly — convey WHAT’S AT STAKE + do it EARLY.

Shatter the delusion that your buyers and sellers are not in pain. What IS risk for them? Find that point, amplify it, and twist the knife.

Then stack your Realtor marketing content in a way that HELPS THEM ON A JOURNEY to the safer, more joyful Other Side.

From here, I want to see your service pitches lay out two possible futures for your audience:

01 – the positive one your audience will experience if they buy, and

02 – the negative one they’ll experience if they don’t.

Your audience must care enough about the difference between the two — about what’s at stake — to take action.

For instance, you saying on your Instagram this week, “It’s hard to buy new construction without a Realtor” is a PROBLEM-based framework.

Whereas you saying, “Your new construction purchase can close successfully AND with minimal headaches along the way, or fall apart completely before you even reach the closing table” — is a STAKES-based framework.

Once you have their attention this way, they see real RISK. Now the next thing they want to know is, “Well, what’s it going to take to win? What does it take to be one of the winners?” 

That’s a tried-and-true content recipe for conversion, right there.

Side-note: there’s a LOT more where this came from, and I can give it to you in 60 no-fluff minutes. Sign up for my free training that breaks down my 6-step framework for making your best, most strategic real estate service pitches on social media (and really, anywhere!).

At the end of the day, this isn’t rocket science. It’s a simple, no-nonsense, customizable strategy that is based on a NARRATIVE framework and is repeatable for the life of your business, anywhere you make a service pitch. So don’t miss the workshop, because I have lots more to share (+ free IG templates to get you started on ALL of this) —

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