The Conversion Strategy for Your Real Estate Marketing Emails You’ve Never Heard Before

May 30, 2024

Seems like 99% of the “hot marketing tips” that are peddled to you as Realtors often involve EITHER:

A) a weirdly hefty financial investment (like a mastermind, or massive monthly spend on paid ads),


B) a gazillion different steps to implement.

Let me do ya one better today.

There’s this email marketing tip I swear by, that I guarantee most (if not all) of you are not currently implementing in your real estate businesses. In my personal experience, it’s a game-changer for lead conversion (I’ve been implementing the step in my own marketing emails for months now, and keep tracking the results weekly because it’s still so impressive).

Let me share it with you, and give you some handy swipe copy files to get you rolling. Best part is — it’s free, and will likely take no more than 10 minutes for you to set in motion.

It’s all about → the power of the P.S. in your marketing emails to create conversion.

Here’s the thing to know first: numbers speak volumes. Only 16% of your email readers actually read your content word-by-word; others just scan it, trying to discern what’s in it for them, where the meat is.

Because they’re subconsciously consuming all that info, most readers skip to the final lines of your email, first (after reading the email subject line, of course).

Which is exactly why every marketing email you send should have a meaningful, brand-boosting “P.S.” attached.

In other words, in marketing emails, you should be pitching your CTA where your reader is giving you their best attention.

One way to do that is by crafting one strong, evergreen postscript for your marketing emails that always follows your signature, continually reinforcing your brand message + core service offerings in a casual yet targeted way.

By building this postscript into your strategy — where you include it at the bottom of every email you send, every time — you drastically increase the likelihood of your readers taking action over time.

I do exactly this in my own emails.

If you’re part of our email family already, then you know what shows in the postscript of every email I send — it’s the same one I include at the end of every blog post, if you scroll down to look. “What’s BLUEPRINT, again? …” Recognize that blurb?

No other area of my emails gets more clicks than this P.S. …I’m not kidding.

I’ve converted thousands of dollars of custom-service clients via this postscript, sold thousands of dollars in digital templates, and just as importantly, I’ve reinforced our studio personality + worth over and over again to the folks who matter most to my business.

All from a consistent, well-crafted little P.S.

The works because it not only creates curiosity when delivered with consistency, but it creates urgency as well. It’s a clean, more human-centric call for the reader to take action.

You wouldn’t even peg it as a psychological trick (kind of a way to always be selling, without that icky sales smell?), but it sure as heck is one, given that most people read postscripts just by force of habit.

Really, you can think of the P.S. of your marketing emails as your content “dessert.” Since it has a visual advantage — and is understood as “something you forgot to include” in the body of your email — you can write whatever the heck you want.

Why would you not implement this immediately?

This is your cue to craft a P.S. “template” for your real estate marketing emails that is consistent within every email, or may even shift seasonally, depending on your lead magnet or offer for the quarter.

Use the P.S. to link to your social media. Invite readers to schedule a consult with you. Share one of your beautiful lead magnets or Guides. Encourage readers to subscribe to your side-content (Realtor podcast, videos, “tip of the day,” etc.)

Here are three Realtor-specific P.S. templates from me to get you rolling.

Go ahead and swipe + tweak the verbiage / specific CTAs to your hearts content:



P.S. — When you’re ready, here are three ways we can help you:

01) Looking to relocate to [YOUR AREA NAME], or just want to get more plugged into the community and explore new things to do? Get our free Insiders Guide to [YOUR AREA NAME].

02) Need help making a big move this summer? There are plenty of quality options out there for your real estate needs, but we’re big believers in our exceptional approach to the buying or selling journey. By the way, we hate “transactions” without that warm human touch — so we’ve crafted a real estate business that operates like a family. We should talk. [LINK TO YOUR SCHEDULING FORM]

03) Confused about what the market is doing in your area and looking for some actually helpful, no-fluff info? It’s right here. [LINK BLOG POST]



P.S. — When you’re ready, here are three ways we can help you:

01) Hang out in our VIP Facebook Group. Get stuck in, ask questions about local events and opportunities, get early access to all our seasonal event invites and giveaways, and more. Come see where we hang out every week. [LINK TO YOUR GROUP]

02) Want an easy, actually helpful roadmap outlining the steps you need to take to buy a home in [your area name]? Download our free Buyer Guide.

03) Hire our not-your-average-real-estate-agency. Buying and selling may be “what” we do, but the “how” is what really matters — we’ve crafted a real estate business that operates like a family, with that warm human touch. If making a move is on the horizon for you this summer, we should talk. [LINK TO YOUR SCHEDULING FORM]



P.S. – What’s [YOUR BUSINESS NAME], again?

I do real estate differently, by design. No smoke-and-mirror promises or “Average Agent Strategies” that make you cringe. As a caring consultant at heart, I’m here to cut through the transaction clutter and give you a clear, no-fuss roadmap for success.

If you’re craving that deep exhale, clear-to-close finish for your upcoming buying or seller journey — then we should talk.

01) Visit my website to see what I’m all about and read some past client case studies I’m proud of. [SITE LINK]

02) Follow me on social media to join my happy real estate family (and stay up-to-date with all the office shenanigans). [SOCIAL LINK]

03) Ready to hire me? Let’s talk. [LINK SCHEDULING FORM]


It’s really that simple.

At the end of the day, this all about making connections that create CONVERSION.

This email marketing hack is seriously low-lift, but you wouldn’t know that from looking at its ROI capability.

Feel free to share your postscript with me once you’ve played around with one of the swipe templates above, and made it your own.


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