How To Write a Real Estate Website People Actually Want to Read

April 9, 2024

Breaking news: it takes people .05 seconds to form an opinion about your website.

And while the design of your website might be the key to trust, the copywriting of your website is the key to CONVERSION.

Turns out there’s a way to talk about yourself + your real estate service on your website that doesn’t feel like you’re shoving a sales pitch down people’s throats.

I most often talk about visual side of your business, but my team and I love a good real estate copy makeover just as much as a rebrand.

In today’s email, I’m showing you some of the essential ways we transform boring, overused Realtor website messages into stand-out content that CONVERTS. 

Fair warning, this email is longer. There’s actual case studies packed in here to inform and inspire you – 

I’m pulling back the curtain on real-world copywriting our studio has written for real-world Realtors who’ve hired us to make their websites sing. That way, you can see the principles in action + apply them to your own writing.

If you want to get serious about SELLING on your Realtor website, you need more than cute tips about “how to write a catchy About Page header.”

You need a more strategic, holistic messaging strategy that makes your best offers unmissable online.

Here’s 4 of the best ways you can do that.


01 – Instead of asking static lead-in questions about what motivates you, like…

> “So what is my BIG WHY as Realtor, you ask?”
> “You may be wondering…why do I love real estate?”
> “What’s my motivation? I’m glad you asked…”

IDENTIFY THE AUDIENCE and SHOW them your origin story + motivation as a Realtor, loud and clear.


Here’s how we did that for Julie of Shore Living Real Estate:

“For me, real estate is interesting because it’s about people: It represents their new beginnings, hopeful dreams, and desires for the future.

Growing up in Easton along the Chesapeake Bay, this interest was nurtured by the town’s tight-knit community – a place where porch sitting is real and neighbors treat each other to delicious seafood dinners while swapping stories around a bottle of wine. But I didn’t discover real estate until after I graduated college and moved to Colorado as a bright-eyed 20-something to work in tech. The area’s beautiful properties and diverse population reminded me where my heart really lay. I knew I couldn’t wait to start doing what I loved: Supporting people’s new beginnings. …”

Here’s how we did that for Sandra of S.C.E. Real Estate:

“We all have a superpower. A strength we know, without a doubt, that’s untouchable in our lives. For me, it’s identifying and encouraging someone’s potential – recognizing their beauty, their gifts, and helping them draw them out.

Let me explain.

Playing ‘dress up’ and doing my mom’s hair and makeup was a big part of my childhood. It shouldn’t have come to a surprise to anyone in my family that I chose ‘hairdresser’ as my first career.

I loved making otherwise ordinary days special for my clients; making the men and women I served feel more confident and certainly leaving feeling refreshed and better than before.

Five years later, I realized that work in real estate – an industry I’d always been fascinated by – could function in a similar way.

You can see the opportunity a home holds just like a certain hairstyle or makeup flourish brings out the natural beauty in others.

When I walk into a home for sale or a listing appointment, I can see all that it could become. Even if it needs a little extra work here and there. Taking what’s perhaps, not as visually appealing, or what pays homage to trends that are long outdated, and making it better is what I bring to the table. …”

Here’s how we did that for Felicia of Splendor of Charleston:

“It all started as a thirteen-year-old delivering newspapers up and down Charleston, South Carolina’s famous Queen Street.

As a child growing up on the lower socioeconomic side of Charleston, just a mile from the historic Rainbow Row and The Battery, I developed a fancy for the splendor and elegance of the city’s 19th century mansions.

Riding my bike past these stately homes every day, I was in awe of their prestige, the history they had seen, and the memories they stewarded.

Years later, when casting about for a business name that reflected my values, I realized that legacy had to be at the forefront of what I stood for, and what I could help my clients establish.

Splendor of Charleston was born.

But getting to that point was not easy.

Before I was handing families the key to their new home, I was a separated mother of four small children who worked two jobs to save enough money for a three-bedroom apartment. But my rental application was repeatedly denied.

Just as I was about to give up, a property manager encouraged me to submit a mortgage application. To my shock, I was approved, but only for $100,000. Hardly enough for the home I wanted.

Amidst what felt like a defeat, I stumbled across an offer for an accessible real estate course. On a leap of faith, I signed up.

Two weeks later, I wrote my own contract for a 3-bedroom, 1.5 bath townhome with a small back porch and a tiny yard. It wasn’t what I wanted, but I saw the potential.

I still own this property today—and it has doubled in value.

I have gone on to own bigger and better properties since then, but the seed of that starter home created a legacy of equity and memory that not only provided for my family at the time, but now extends to my grandchild.

Much like those stately Charleston homes that inspired me so many years ago.

And now I’m here to guide you in planting the seeds for your ideal future.”


02 – Instead of asking ambiguous rhetorical questions about your client’s real estate goals…

> “Looking for a Realtor who can give great results?”
> “Ready for an enjoyable home buying experience?”
> “Want to sell your home without the hassle?”

SHOW them your strong client results in real time.


Here’s how we did that for Julie at Shore Living:

“I founded Shore Living Real Estate because I believe that a real estate journey pairing genuine relationship with honesty and expertise is the key to designing a life you love.

My favorite moment in real estate is when clients realize that they’ve truly found their home. Their faces light up as they are infused with energy to step confidently into their next chapter.

This expression of delight never loses its charm for me. …”

Here’s how we did that for Kasey and Brooke Hinchman Real Estate:

“Spend five minutes with us and you’ll see the art of negotiation present itself by just the way we carry ourselves into a room. We intently listen, and we read between the lines when it comes to making deals.

Time and time again, we push just a little bit further and come out on the other end of deals with a higher sale than our clients could have ever anticipated.

It’s with this confidence and perspective that we know our craft. 

Join us for the ride.”


03 – Instead of repeating overused industry phrases…
> “Don’t settle when you buy a home. Let me put my experience to work for you, so you can get the results you want!”

Use UNEXPECTED METAPHORS for a fresh perspective.


Here’s how we did that for Kasey and Brooke Hinchman, Santa Cruz Realtors (and surf lovers!), on the BUYING page of their website:

“No waves. No glory.

Real estate is a lot like surfing.

You step into the rising tide. You skim your hand along the billowing salt water. With your board nestled into the crook of your arm, the ocean isn’t an intimidating body of unchartered water.

It’s a gift. An opportunity to take in. To experience.

The waves are no longer something to merely kick and thrash against. They’re exhilarating, life-giving forces that actually propel you forward.

When you have nearly 40 years of collective experience as a realty team, the crests and troughs of the profession don’t intimidate you. They excite you. They motivate you.

That’s the attitude and buzzing energy we bring with us into our transactions. We don’t get pulled under by the trending tides or the ever-natural waxing and waning of the industry as a whole. We don’t let the hard days shatter our synergy.

We’ve learned through first-hand experience how to keep our eyes above the waves.

To jump deep into the ice-blue water and enjoy the time of our lives –and we’ll absolutely show you the way, too.”


04 – Instead of long bullet-point lists about what makes your community a great place to live…

> “Here are the top reasons why Austin is the place to be! [LIST]”

> “What makes Phoenix a top city for families? See my LIST…”

Paint a SMALLER, MORE VIVID picture of place and home buyer BELONGING.


Here’s how we did that for Sandra of S.C.E. Real Estate:

“We’re nestled safely in the heart of historic downtown Douglas. We don’t have a single stoplight. But we do have two Dunkin’ Donuts. Because we have our priorities straight [winky emoji].

I’ve been a part of this community since 2004, and know first-hand what a wonderful and charming town this is.

It’s the sort of place where you know all the kids your child goes to school with. Where you run into someone you know at the local pizza shop. It’s where historic buildings reign supreme and days are meant to be savored, not rushed.

I’m proud to call this place not only my home, but the heart of my business…”

Here’s how we did that for Stone & Rees Real Estate Team:

“Howard County feels like a classic, American city. With a population of just over 80,000, the locals who’ve made their home here are a tightly-knit community. When you’re here, you’re among people who uphold those golden era American ideals – hard work, dependability, loyalty, honor and service – with many returning to raise their families after growing up here. …”

Here’s how we did that for Julie of Shore Living:

“While life along the bay is full of history, culture, and modern amenities – foodies will love the many fine dining options, and history lovers will light up during the quaint Fourth of July celebrations – it’s the people that make this place so special.

Here, you’ll know your neighbors, meeting them on walks along tree-lined streets of front-porch neighborhoods or while crabbing or fishing along the many boat landings.

You’ll nurture friendship over a delicious coffee and sandwich at a personality-filled cafe, and reconnect with your Colonial roots listening to stories in a mom-and-pop shop next to a historic memorial.

There is always a river to be fished, a recreational path to explore, or a festival to attend along the waterfront – all while meeting the new faces drawn to the picturesque shoreline and the heartwarming community that is the Chesapeake Bay.”

I hope these Realtor copywriting “case studies” were helpful. If you’re not using these tips as part of a full messaging STRATEGY on your real estate website…you’re missing like 99% of the picture.

Maybe you need help leveling up your copywriting so it goes behind surface sentence tweaks, and finally STANDS OUT and CONVERTS. If that’s you, just shoot us an email at, and I’ll send some no-strings-attached info your way.



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