Why I Created Custom BLUEPRINT Templates

May 15, 2020


Confession: I’ve been glued to my laptop screen, slugging a MYRIAD of caffeinated drinks this evening as I power through my list of pre-launch “to-do’s” and last-minute Shop development tasks. Because, folks, you already know that the countdown is ON to the release of our exclusive client experience template Collection for Realtors.

My team and I couldn’t be more thrilled to add these to our client offerings. Handmade by me, with the same love and quality as my custom designs, these templates are marked by the same signature, clean, high-end style that BLUEPRINT has become known for in the real estate world.

The entire Collection will be released this Saturday, May 16th. Amidst all the pre-launch craziness, I wanted to pause this evening and tell you three reasons WHY I decided to create these custom templates. 

Very simply: with years of experience working with Realtors on bespoke branding and content, I saw a void in the realm of truly beautiful client experience materials exclusively for real estate pros. 

I listened to too many Realtors describe their marketing challenges, and, quite frankly, encountered too many agents unable to spring for 100% custom solutions to their marketing goals. Since the inception of my studio, I’ve dreamed of creating a suite of luxury template that are more accessible. Less cost-prohibitive. User-friendly. Entirely customizable. And that’s where the BLUEPRINT Collection was born.

Here are three reasons why the Shop is launching on Saturday, for you:





First and foremost, I want to serve a broader range of agents and real estate teams while remaining a small but mighty team at BLUEPRINT. By crafting an exclusive “small-batch” template offering, I can help more Realtors nail their branding and client experiences while upholding that same quality you’ve come to and love about this studio.

Because at the end of the day, having a small (boutique by choice) team means that we can’t take on every single project. This can be frustrating at times. But mostly, I’ve found it to be of great benefit. It gives us the ability to be selective and truly devote our creative energy to the handful of projects in the queue. Our custom BLUEPRINT offerings are handcrafted from scratch, and even with the templates, I wanted to maintain the same feeling. 

I believe in bespoke, high-end, minimal design and the exclusivity that comes with that, for as many agents as possible — period.





I’ll tell it to you straight. The price point for just one custom Buyer Guide from my studio rings in at around $1400. That alone is an investment. And it means that whenever a client books us for, say, a custom Buyer & Seller Guide together, they’re investing well over $2500 into the project. Obviously the value of from-scratch marketing materials is huge for many, and we’ll absolutely keep offering fully custom materials to clients who request them. 

But where does that leave everyone else?

The need for beautiful, refined marketing materials that fall under the $1k price point has always been evident to me. Which is why I’m delighted to say that our exclusive templates are a fraction of the cost of our custom pricing, AND without sacrificing the makings of a bespoke product.

Every single template is an elegant magazine-style piece that features not only quality design, but professional copywriting built-in, along with an extensive complimentary library of high-res, lifestyle-driven stock photography ready for you to drag-n-drop right into Canva. (I KNOW, IT’S MAGIC.)





You don’t put your real estate clients in a box, and I don’t limit my people to “one-size-fits-all” solutions, either. That’s why I tacked on an additional month of template development work (really) in order to format every single template in Canva, rather than take the easy route for me as a designer, and offer them only as InDesign files. 

I really want you to know how easy this is for you.

With Canva’s amazing drag-and-drop platform, each template is unbelievably simple to edit to your own branding, colors, fonts, and images. You can achieve the layered and bespoke look we love — no cumbersome technical “designer know-how” required. And because the instant-download templates are yours for life, you never have to wait on your designer to make ongoing updates to your marketing materials again (or, *ahem*, pay them $X/per hour to make those tweaks, either). 

By the way, with every template you purchase, you’ll also receive a personal Launch Package from me with both written and video tutorials to help make your customization process a breeze. 


Any template questions for me, now that we’re less than 48 hours out from launch? The countdown continues, my friends! In the meantime, don’t forget to follow BLUEPRINT on Instagram to get in on all our social media fun. You can also catch up on all my other launch-happy blog posts, right here.

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