Introducing BLUEPRINT’s New Copywriter

January 19, 2022

I’ve been waiting for the right time to share this, and today’s the day.

Straight to the good news:

My sister, Emilie Plowman, has officially joined the BLUEPRINT team as our newest copywriter, and nothing has ever made more sense.

It all started last year in a crowded coffee shop, over a shared blueberry scone + a laptop, as we sat together talking all things business and writing. Emilie was helping me hack some challenges within my own marketing copy for BLUEPRINT, diagnosing trouble spots and suggesting new messaging strategies for our team.

Encouraged by her advice, I then shared some client copywriting project drafts with her — web copy in progress, Realtor “About Me” bios — and her feedback was eye-opening, pushing our good work to become better. That’s when I realized..maybe we had something here.

Maybe we’d be stronger, together.

Not only is Emilie a seasoned professional writer, editor, and former Communications Director with a talent for messaging strategy that comes naturally, she’s all the things I love in a B team member. Ambitious. Kind-hearted. Meticulous. Specialized. Client-first.

She’s been writing for as long as she can remember, with a love of stories and ability to finesse words that hit target markets and inspire readers to action.

Aaaand she’s my sister, which means that she and I know more than just our pet peeves and how the other takes her coffee. We know our strengths and weaknesses as professionals. We can easily lean into the kind of supportive, intuitive working relationship that typically takes years to build in the team setting. It’s a gift.

I wanted Emilie’s brand of creativity and excellence on my team, and now that she’s officially here and ready to get to work, iced chai latte (her favorite) in hand — I know you want her on yours, too. Which is why I’m sending you this email today.

Starting in February, Emilie and I want to partner with you on a distinctive copywriting project experience to help you STAND OUT and SELL MORE in real estate in 2022.

My next post will have all the details, so stay tuned for more!

Cheers to you, friend —

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