Open for Bookings! The Copywriting Starter Package for Realtors

January 19, 2022

Caroline here.

In my last email, I introduced the newest copywriter on our BLUEPRINT team — my lovely sister, Emilie Plowman. I also told you that together we’ve launched a new copywriting service designed to help you STAND OUT and SELL MORE in real estate in 2022.

It’s time to share the scoop…

Emilie and I are opening up three February project spots for any Realtor here who wants in.

Introducing the Copywriting Starter Package, exclusively for Realtors: designed to capture and convert new leads with marketing copy that is so strategic and personalized, interesting and brave, it makes an offer that does the selling FOR you.

Because #truth: crafting an offer that people actually want is actually hard.

If it were easy, all the other Realtors would be doing it.

We’re sad to say it (but you’ll likely agree), MOST real estate marketing copy is repetitive and off-the-cuff…the same pitches have been said before, said too much.

Most Realtors are stabbing in the dark about what people need and want to hear, instead of aiming strategically with stories and persuasion tactics that actually compel buyers + sellers to action. And, in turn, boost their business and bottom line.

To craft a really great offer, you need to step outside your own lane and into the shoes of your ideal buyers and sellers. Try on their struggles, their objections, their real estate fears, their dreams.

From your Realtor “About Me” bio to your email marketing, your offer has to stand out. Your stories have to shine.And yet, most Realtors we know feel that their marketing copy is some combination of: stiff, self-conscious, boring, cliche, dull, meh, dead. Lacking personality, story, and zest. Most of all, it just doesn’t feel like them.

Enter the Copywriting Starter Package for Realtors.

Our goal here is simple: We want to help you nix the fear, ditch the salesperson mask, and make your story in real estate down to earth and personal again. Making it interesting, relatable, and over-the-top sell-able.

The Package will equip you to:

  • Effortlessly capture and nurture new leads with emails people actually WANT to open and read

  • Use story to engage your prospects emotionally so you can convert more by showing and by relevance…

  • Own a custom suite of the essential, personalized marketing copy tools you need in real estate, so you never have to wonder, “what do I write?!” the next time a buyer or seller lead lands in your Inbox…

  • Accelerate the relationship-building process so prospects know, like, and trust you faster

  • Establish a marketing foundation for your messaging across platforms, so you can finally own your unique voice in a crowded market.


Every brand has a unique style and sound — their own “voice.” Our team identifies yours and creates a personalized guide that will direct the creation of all your real estate brand messaging on any platform, ensuring critical consistency.

HERE is an example of the Tone Guide that Emilie created for our very own studio. I’ve found it to be enormously helpful in crafting BLUEPRINT messaging and building out a wide variety of our marketing campaigns + materials, ensuring things stay sharp, intentional and consistent.


Email is still the most effective strategy to connect with your target market. Your 4-email welcome series, personalized to you, will introduce your story to potential clients and nurture their trust in you until they are ready to buy or sell.


An engaging bio done right can tell your story like no other — it’s relationship gold. Our copywriting team weaves a narrative that lets your personality and experience shine through, convincing potential clients that you are the Realtor for them.


You’ve built an email list, but now what? Keep potential and former clients engaged with a 4-part email nurture series that keeps your story front and center, reminding them that you are the top choice for their real estate needs.


Get a jumpstart on developing your ongoing connection with clients, through tailored content prompts for you to build out in email or social copy over time, encouraging your audience to come back again and again.

You have a story to tell and a brand to promote.

It’s time to establish a marketing copy foundation that works for you again and again. You CAN tell your story in real estate with ease, present with cohesion and distinction, and say the hard things (AKA, the sales pitch) with grace.

The Internet has changed the way we write forever, and it’s time to catch you up.

Are you in?

We’re opening up three February project spots, and my hunch is one of them has your name on it. 

Let’s go: submit our Copywriting Inquiry Form HERE and we’ll send you the details to get started.

Last time I sent an email like this, we booked the spots in less than 72 hours.

Hit “reply,” tell me you’re in, and let’s take the impossible out of your real estate marketing copy and create a sophisticated, intelligent messaging foundation…

The kind that grows your bottom line and captures the hearts of your audience the way you’ve always wanted to.

Submit our Copywriting Inquiry Form HERE.

Looking forward to hearing from you —

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