I Rewrote the Panera Bread Mission Statement — for Realtors

June 17, 2023

Caroline here.

I may actually be crazy. Or MAYBE I was just crazy hungry when I sat down and spontaneously started writing this an hour ago, in a Panera Bread (duh), with their mission statement plastered on the wall in front of me and my obedient laptop.

Scroll down for my rewrite, and you decide.

(And I guess the real question is…do you like the PICK 2, Frontega Chicken Panini + Mac n’ Cheese menu option as much as I do for a Thursday night work session at Panera?)

Let’s do this thing…



“We believe in raising, serving, and eating food that is good and good for you…”


“We believe in understanding, serving, and celebrating real estate that is good in its value and good for your goals…”


“Food should be clean. No artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or anything you wouldn’t want to serve your family…”


“Real estate should be clean. No artificial promises, smoke-and-mirrors pitches, unfair expectations or anything you wouldn’t expect from a loyal family member who has your back.”


“Food should be honest, which is why we are transparent and always let you know exactly what’s in your food…”


“Real estate should be honest, which is why we are transparent and always let you know exactly where you stand in your journey with us, and why.”


“Most of all, food should taste great and be made the way you like it, with this or without that.”


“Most of all, real estate should give great results and give them the way YOU want them, with this or without that.”


“Since we’ve started, we’ve been on a journey to make food, as a whole, better. And you can be sure we’ll never stop.”


“Since we started, we’ve been on a journey to serve home buyers and sellers as whole people, better. And you can be sure we will never stop.”


“If you’d like to join us, have a seat and enjoy. FOOD AS IT SHOULD BE.”


“If you’d like to join us, have a seat and enjoy the journey. REAL ESTATE AS IT SHOULD BE.”



I did some research. The original Panera Bread fast casual restaurants were conceptualized to be bakery-centric and strictly bread-focused.

Their original mission statement had a tunnel vision focus on one product offering — waaait for it — BREAD.

It’s noteworthy that Panera is credited as the driving force behind the artisanal bread craze in the United States. Sure.

But equally as noteworthy? — that, as the chain expanded, so did its mission statement. It eventually pivoted to THE CUSTOMER.

Over time, the original all-about-bread mission was abandoned in favor of a more holistic “food statement” that provides both psychological guidance and practical guidelines for sourcing, using, and serving the food as well. In other words…

Panera realized it wasn’t just about bread.

It was about VALUES, PEOPLE, and BIG WHY’S.

There’s something here for you, too.

The faster your messaging pivots away from your real estate service, and toward your customer, the faster you’ll start attracting + converting more people who feel seen, heard, and honored in their choices.

Finally, we can look at two key points in Panera’s mission statement and apply them.



Panera promises to empower its guests to decide how THEY want to eat.

How does your real estate value prop make your audience feel autonomous and able to connect with honest, nourishing experiences that give personalized options?



Panera believes its guests deserve to know not only what is in their food, but where it comes from and how they’re impacting the food system. Do your buyers/sellers have a window into how your company gives back? Why you take certain ethical stands? How are you a pioneer on the conscious real estate front?


Really, that was fun. And if it gave you something to munch on, too, let me know in the comments.

Cheers to you,

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