How to Write a Killer Realtor Value Proposition

June 17, 2023

Pause. Listen.

Hear that sound?

(No, not my grouchy elderly neighbor arguing outside with the AC repairman about, well, his AC unit. Really great for my focus today.)

That’s the sound of more than 1.5 million Realtors operating in the United States alone as of last month, all lunging after the same clients as you, some of them with way fatter marketing budgets than you.

Competition’s stiff out there. (DUH, Caroline. Tell us something we don’t know.)

How do you portray stand-out value? – your brand promise? your difference?

Let’s chat about your unique value proposition.

One of the most common mistakes I see on Realtors’ websites is the same tired, meaningless phrases in use over and over again on Home + About pages…

“passionate about getting you the best deal”

“obsessed with successful results”

“dedicated to your satisfaction”

We could go on.

It’s time for a heart-to-heart about defining a very clear, unique value proposition for your real estate brand.

A strong value proposition:

–  Takes some of the marketing hustle out;

– Allows your copy do the heavy lifting for you;

– Explains what benefit you provide for who, and how you do it uniquely well;

– Describes your target buyer or seller, the pain point you solve, and why you’re distinctly better than the alternatives.

Great value props are never objective, and most importantly, they’re never about you.

So, real talk – how do you create a unique value proposition that works hard for you?

Start off by remembering these two little rules first. 

01 – Your value prop is not a slogan.

02 – Your value prop should be simple, relational, and aspirational.

Let’s address the “not a slogan” bit (because we see this twisted around a lot)…

A SLOGAN or tagline is a short, catchy phrase of 3-8 words that goes alongside your brand name + logo. Think of it as a logo in writing.

For instance, the BLUEPRINT slogan is:

It’s brief. Memorable. A little bit cheeky. We use this slogan on our website, social media, etc.

Unlike a slogan, a VALUE PROP digs deeper into who you are and how you actually help your clients. 

For instance, the BLUEPRINT value prop is:

Our BLUEPRINT value prop is strong because it’s:

SIMPLE (one statement);

RELATIONAL (putting the client, and his/her deepest need and desire – to be seen and shared in a crowded real estate market – at the forefront);

ASPIRATIONAL (painting a picture of the Realtor at his/her best self).

Here’s another example, this one from outside the RE space entirely for some fresh perspective.

Meet Jennifer.

Jennifer is a real estate coach looking to market her services.

Oh her website’s Home page, she says:

“Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m a life coach.”

Jennifer craves higher conversion rates and better market visibility, so she hires us to rework her branding and messaging (wink). 

Here’s what we write for her instead:

“Hi, I’m Jennifer and I help unassertive women take a stand in their work and get paid what they’re worth.”

Feel the difference?

Which one sounds more confident? Referral-worthy? Which coach would you be willing to put your faith in?

Now let’s get practical – back to real estate, back to YOU.

Here are two excellent templates for formatting your own unique real estate value proposition:

Was this helpful? Let me know what my team and I can do to support your real estate brand right now. Cheers to you, friend —

P.S – What’s BLUEPRINT, again? 

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