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June 17, 2023

It’s you – you hear the doorbell ring on a Tuesday afternoon. 

When you open up, your favorite real estate branding pros are standing on the front porch, extending a steaming hot latte (obviously) and requesting a loving intervention re: your Realtor messaging.

Oh hello, it’s us, we’re here. Got a minute? 😉

Jokes aside — talking about yourself in ANY professional space is just tough, particularly in a saturated space like real estate where the same tired, generic, bro marketing phrases are abused over and over again.

You can do lots better. We want that for you.

Today we’re sharing some tips to help pluck you from needless market invisibility, AND make you more sales, if you really read + apply.

In our work with Realtors, it’s not uncommon for us to hear agents use less emotive, less unique words as the basis for their brand values. Like they’re walking around with an N95 mask over their writing.

It’s not just a sad industry trend…it’s a missed opportunity.

For instance:

“I’m a professional Realtor…”

“I’m a hardworking Realtor…”

“I’m an experienced Realtor…”

We expect any good Realtor to be all of these things.

If you scratch the surface of these (incredibly overused) buzzwords, what you actually find is a good Realtor who wants to be taken seriously.

Fair enough. And, you can position yourself to be taken seriously in other ways.

The key is showing, not telling (remember Miss Amy from high school English class??): your goal should be capturing market curiosity and trust through unique presentation of your real estate website, brand visuals, client process, and marketing copy.

For instance, instead of saying:

“I’m a professional, hardworking Realtor dedicated to giving you results in the sale of your home.”

Say this:

“Another Realtor with smoke-and-mirrors promises about selling your home? Not your style. Or mine. What you need is a caring consultant with proven strategies that don’t make you cringe. I’m here to cut through the transaction clutter and create a roadmap for marketing success, win the hearts of your higher-level buyer, and give you that deep exhale, clear-to-close finish you crave.”

Also, while we’re at it…

Let’s talk about Realtors’ use of the word, LUXURY. (“My luxury real estate services are XYZ…”)

“Luxury service” is more tired but well-intentioned marketing verbiage that, at its core, is about Realtors wanting to be treated properly for what they do. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But is what you’re presenting really luxury? Is it a word you should include in your bio?

If you’re selling a luxury service, then every single interaction and finish must be luxurious. You’re making big promises. Can you deliver on them?

Enter Helpful Little Graphic #1, below:

And as we wrap up for now…

Here are 13 words to use to describe yourself instead of “Realtor.” 

(Because Realtors are people who act as agents in the purchase and sale of property. Last we – and your raving happy client base – checked, you were much more than that.)

Enter Helpful Little Graphic #2, and you may want to swipe this one for later:

My Inbox is open if you want to respond, ask anything, or express indignation over us NOT actually showing up on your front porch with a steaming hot latte (I know, that sounded so nice) —

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