Your Real Estate Brand Needs Custom Patterns — Here’s Why

June 17, 2023

Yesterday on the ‘Gram, we shared a handful of custom brand patterns we’ve created for our Realtor clients and their brands.

Purely for the heck of it, we shared them mocked up as – wait for it – fabric swatches. 

(I know, we’re so cool and design-minded, right?)

But really, if your RE brand isn’t supported by a suite of custom patterns that look very designer-pillow-worthy on a soft cotton swatch…

We humbly propose that you’re missing out.

Here’s a peek:

In response to the post, a few followers popped into my DM’s to ask HOW patterns should actually be used in a brand, and why they matter.

“So these are super pretty, but what would I actually do with a brand pattern?”

“Doesn’t flat color work just as well to add interest and personality in marketing pieces?!”

Great questions, all part of a larger discussion for another time. But for now, it’s helpful to know that high quality brand patterns (meaning ones that are strategic, legible, and versatile) are WAY more valuable — and WAY more fun, in application — that you may think.

This is because patterns are magnets for the brain.

We humans are constantly seeking order in the chaos; patterns are a language of communications that we can’t help but seek out and be satisfied + comforted by.

That’s why patterns are key to brand recognition and consistency.

A word on the street is that a consistent brand image can increase sales revenue by up to 23%. (DemandMetric)

If you want to make 23% more money, then get consistent.

Brand patterns really help.

Here are a few more inspirational pattern examples, from our clients and their RE brands, in no particular order of oooo, that’s pretty:

Really, patterns have been a signature branding device for decades, but we can also thank Instagram for a bit of a brand patterns renaissance over the past couple years.

The world is being styled to be social media-friendly, and brands are leading the way.

Here at BLUEPRINT, we love using patterns to elevate real estate brands that are as memorable as they are versatile.

You see a lot of “slick and stark” in real estate, particularly among the brands wanting to differentiate themselves as “luxury.” Patterns can bridge the gap – they add personality and warm notes that evoke emotion.

Structured or geometric compositions…

Playful or random..

Organic and nature-inspired…

The options are limitless.

Here are some practical ways our Realtor clients put their custom patterns to use in print + digital marketing to expand brand story, cohesion, and curiosity:

Hope this was helpful to you —

P.S – What’s BLUEPRINT, again? 

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