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Don’t make stuff with your marketing. Make meaning.

When you say and do what your competitors are unwilling to say and do, therein lies the differentiation.

If you do this right, your personal brand is the one thing your competitors can’t swipe.

Start with leaning into emotional appeal and using value-linking to motivate your audience of buyers and sellers.

Today let’s focus on creating + deploying one strong, elegant Welcome Email that is versatile for ALL your new leads and helps you take action immediately.

These two Realtor rebrand stories may surprise you…

How do you become the “lifestyle real estate brand” you’ve always wanted to be?

Understanding what makes your offer a “must have” painkiller versus a “nice to have” vitamin is the key to successful marketing.

If your brand and service approach doesn’t represent anything specific?

Then what your clients are “buying” doesn’t much, either.

Here are some practical ways our Realtor clients put their custom patterns to use in print + digital marketing to expand brand story, cohesion, and curiosity: