Stop Centering Your Realtor Marketing Around Your “Big Why”

July 20, 2023

I follow hundreds of Realtors on social media.

I read hundreds of Realtor blogs and newsletters.

I digest thousands of words of Realtor marketing content bits all over the Internet, every single week.

And every single week, I see the same version of this statement used over and over again:

“Hello, I’m XYZ Realtor. What is my ‘Big Why’ in real estate, you ask? Well, let me tell you…”


Let’s be honest. That’s a NAQ — never asked question.

Your buyers and sellers aren’t asking.

Your followers aren’t asking.

If you lead into your latest Instagram post with, “So I was having coffee with a client the other day and she asked me, ‘What motivates you, Mary? What is your big WHY in real estate?’ …

…odds are I’m scrolling on by AND, what’s more, absolutely not believing this happened to you over coffee with a client the other day, because we both know it didn’t.

(*ducks* It had to be said)

Here’s the thing.

People will not buy your WHY in real estate if your HOW is



or riddled with problems.

In other words…

If your Realtor marketing copy is largely about your mission and passion for home — WITHOUT first telling HOW you do real estate differently — I’ve already moved on.

If all your marketing is about your big inner-fire “Why” behind buying and selling, BUT…

  • Your client experience materials are low-bar (lacking consistency? devoid of actually helpful content? stripped of any actual specific brand voice or personality?)…
  • Your systems and processes are sloppy and fly-by-night …
  • All of your content (IG posts, emails, blog posts) is broad and universal, meaning: nothing you communicate to the market differentiates you or your service as anything other than the average agent doing Average-Generic- Forgettable things…

…then does your WHY truly even matter?

Should we really give an extra 3 minutes of our Instagram scroll time to “what gets you up in the morning,” like really?

Telling me that you’re a passionate Realtor who is passionate about real estate doesn’t fix the kind of brand problems — verbal AND visual — that might currently be making your service invisible and forgettable.

Granted, your “Big Why” is critical. It IS an authentic part of you that you love sharing, and you should share it.

But don’t assume people are asking you about why you are so obsessed with real estate, until you’ve first sold them on what makes you different —

Until you’ve first given us a reason to care.

You can do that by understanding your own brand uniqueness first.

You don’t need to be the internet famous, celebrity-podcast-Realtor, decades-in-business Realtor to be unique.

You just need your own visual character (as in, NOT your Mother’s real estate marketing materials built in 80s Microsoft Word — try these instead), and specific verbal language you are confident in articulating to define those things (not the kind that can be swiped from some stock big brokerage script bank.)

As one actionable place to start, when was the last time you attempted to un-boring your real estate About Me bio?

Make us care by finding your tangible difference and articulating that over, and over, and over. 

Ask yourself:

How does Billy The Buyer choosing you as his Realtor actually change Billy’s status quo? Your marketing content should show Billy’s transformation from frustrated to cared for, from confused to well-versed in his buying journey. This is about way more than showing the nuts + bolts of Billy’s transaction with you.

Finally, be consistent in everything you show us.

From your marketing message to your client process materials, your Realtor “difference” should permeate everything and it should look, feel, and sound the same as it did yesterday, EVERY time you go to market.

This is why my team and I do what we do for Realtors, at least.

So YOU can communicate your why differently, but only after you’ve SHOWN us what sets you apart, both visually and verbally.

By the way, if I’m speaking your language here, then be sure to stay tuned for the BLUEPRINT Summer Template Stacks:

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We’ve never done this before, and we’ll only be dropping the stacks over 4 fun weeks, until we reach purchase cap (remember I said the templates will be limited edition? We don’t want every other agent and his Mama having the same beautiful property brochure as you, NOW DO WE?)…then we’llremove them from the Shop forevah.

If any of that sounds up your alley, then stay tuned. 😉

Until next time —

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