Here’s a BETTER Way to Ask Your Clients for Reviews

June 17, 2023

Recently I shared some really helpful tips (you all raved about it, at least) on how to gather better referrals from your favorite buyer and seller clients. 

It only felt right to follow that up with tips re: how to gather better REVIEWS, too, because everyone needs excellent social proof and some stats just can’t be ignored…

Such as: 

> 93% of consumers determine whether a company has a good reputation based on reviews.

> 97% of consumers report that customer reviews influence their purchasing decisions.

(Source: BrightLocal Research)

Most Realtors email out the same generic stock template when asking clients for testimonials:

“We loved working with you! Would you please take a moment to leave us a review?”

If you typically hear CRICKETS in response to a polite lil’ request like that…it’s not because your clients don’t care.

It’s because you weren’t specific in your questions.

Asking more specific questions IS the difference between clients who don’t email back and clients who are motivated to write actually well-crafted, thoughtful reviews in reply.

The kind that make your day to read + you’d be proud to share on your website and social media channels.

Without further ado —

Here are six powerful questions to ask your buyers and sellers if you want to gather STELLAR reviews:

We use a similar “template” of questions when gathering strong client reviews here at the studio; I’m telling you, this works. Be bold, be brief, be specific.

Cheers to you —

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