How To Ask Your Favorite Real Estate Clients for a Referral

June 17, 2023

It’s middle of the week, and oh good Lord, we’re already heading toward the end of April. You can feel the market and your new leads wanting to heat up again. You’re in the mood to lead generate today.

You reheat the coffee. Sit down to comb through your past clients database. Hey, maybe I’ll ask for a referral. 

Smart idea. Fresh email draft. Blinking cursor. 

You type – and yes, go ahead, because we can alllllll quote it in our restless real estate-haunted sleep – 

“Hi friend! Just popping into say that if you know of anyone looking to buy or sell real estate, I’m never too busy for your referrals.”

Hits SEND.

Let me guess.


It’s okay. Let’s try that again.

Just so happens we’ve got a fresh, BLUEPRINT-brand-approved resource for bringing new clients your way today, that DOESN’T involve you sounding like Realtor Robot. 😉

Because, seriously. You’re just not a robot.

Neither are your past clients. 

I want you to slash the dry-as-dust, stuffy, generic, LET ME SOUND LIKE ALL THE OTHER AGENTS IN THE WORLD language from your marketing copy arsenal, and sound

More specific.


Actually human.

Go ahead, scroll down and swipe the good script stuff from us:


Subject Line: “Loved working with you”

Hey [Name],

I was recently updating my past client records and came across some previous emails between us.

I wanted to thank you again for trusting me with your home [purchase or sale]. It was [insert casual description that is true about the transaction]. Really just an absolute pleasure working together.

You also came to mind today because I’ve been reflecting on business plans for down the line.

I’d love more clients who are [insert casual description that is true to you about the client] like you.

And so THAT got me wondering…you wouldn’t happen to know just one person, someone just like you, who would benefit from [insert benefit you gave them with your real estate service]?

If anyone springs to mind, please feel free to make an email intro to this email. Happy to help them out.

And hey…if there’s anything else I can do in return, please don’t hesitate to ask!

How’s the [client’s new home/city/job] been treating you these days?


[Your Name]

Why does this work so well?

Because of this:

Let me know if you end up shooting this out to your database today. Happy prospecting! Go get ’em —

P.S – What’s BLUEPRINT, again? 

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