Rich in history and founded on family, The Hub Realty is a Wisconsin real estate company built upon heritage and purpose. Our goal for The Hub was creating a joyful yet elevated brand rooted in thoughtful details, and the result speaks for itself —— an identity both modern and timeless, a loving nod to the past that simultaneously embraces the future. 

The Hub Realty Wordmark begins with a confident and subtly youthful slab serif typeface that feels established yet current. The confident, bold serifs convey a strong, lasting legacy with forward-thinking ambition. Balanced, geometric letterforms coupled with classic shapes and curves lay the foundation for this highly personable brand built on honest relationships and caring service. 

We continued the branding with custom, hand-drawn maps for print and digital use, artfully depicting the service areas in Madison, Wisconsin. The monogram icon, brand marks, suite of family signatures, supporting typography, and approachable color palette create a set of versatile tools that work together harmoniously for these marketing and collateral pieces. The result of these elements in unison is something lasting and timeless —— fostering a confident spirit for a brand with a bright contemporary future, rooted in its exceptional past.

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"BLUEPRINT struck me as a team who knew branding, knew real estate, and knew exactly what they were doing. After going through the process, I truly believe we have formed an identity that speaks to our brand history, our values and most importantly, to our target audience. We are thrilled that our new brand communicates timelessness while still offering a clever mix of modern & urban elements that help us connect with our market.

"This studio is top notch for anyone in the real estate industry looking to do a deep dive into their identity. They are incredibly thorough and creative in their approach to working with clients. If you choose to work with BLUEPRINT, you will be in amazing hands start to finish." 


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Truly honoring this brand story meant honoring its legacy. “The Hub” was a locally owned and respected business that spanned four generations and almost 100 years in the Madison area. After closing its doors in the 1990s, the Schmitz family was proud to revitalize the name and continue its community legacy. Visually, that led us to a beautiful representation of the historic signage on the old “The Hub” brokerage facade.

Translating the original geometric piece felt forced and unimagined. Instead, we created a fresh illustration with artistic modern flair. The visual interest shines, and so does a timeless contemporary quality to reflect the forward-thinking nature of the Schmitz family business.

It’s the details that make a brand story shine, and in this case, weaving together the histories of two businesses nurtured one beautiful story.