Our collaboration with Beth Silva, a Realtor based in Portland, was nothing short of a joy, and that same happy-hearted spirit is reflected in her final visuals. This is a brand that truly reflects the spirit + personality of its owner.

Beth is an optimist. An animated communicator. A lover of all things active and outdoorsy. It was important that her real estate brand extended these same qualities with ease - her playful side, her fun-loving side - while maintaining a sense of timelessness and maturity. So in casting a vision for her new look, we crafted visual solutions supported by a system of colors and shapes.

Her compositions are playful, exuding movement and reminding viewers of memorable experiences free of fuss. Her color palette is uncommonly youthful and self-assured, out to make a splash in a marketplace starved for fresh marketing approaches. 

Finally, symbolic iconography focused around the Meadowlark - the state bird of Oregon - is peppered playfully amongst the visuals. The bird icon becomes a kind of overarching motif that symbolizes a story about place. Meanwhile it invites a flutter of Beth's personal, nature-loving spirit into the brand family, letting it sing.

youthful. modern. fun.

the brand in three words...