For Lacey, a seasoned Realtor out of Monterey County, CA, we wanted to create a flexible visual system that would both intrigue and inspire — reflecting the elegant sensibilities of its owner. Our goal was to collaborate on a brand that would both elevate and celebrate the essence of her services as a caring real estate professional.
With custom letterforms that evoke warmth, trust, and ease, and a monogram icon, supportive marks, and handcrafted patterns, Lacey's visual identity nods to the brand's story, laid-back-luxe vibe, and effortless style + sense of sincere client care.

Her brand's "simply elegant" spirit comes full circle with clean, editorial type pairings for simple impact. Subtle touches of character and detail are interwoven throughout the elements, blending traditional with progressive. Meanwhile, a refined palette speaks to polished and grounded service values as earthy colors compliment more muted hues for a high end finish.

Overall, a compelling visual system seamlessly blends classic and contemporary elements into something wholly unique and bespoke.    

elegant. lifestyle. calming.

the brand in three words...