Brandy Thomas is a Southwest Florida REALTOR with a passion for her coastal environment and a seasoned background in the real estate industry. She came to us looking to differentiate in a saturated market and develop a brand that, more than just promoting her services, celebrated the beach-loving lifestyle so close to her heart.

Reflecting Florida's cool casual vibe, Brandy's personality and business model is professional where it counts, but irresistibly relaxed and fun-loving. Her new branding exemplifies that perfectly. To achieve a look both laid-back and polished, we created a flowing, handwritten-style signature element, paired with a brand icon of imperfect linework (the "sun n' sea" illustration) to tell a natural, approachable visual story.

We focused on a clean palette inspired by fresh coastal colors. By incorporating unique layers like a lifestyle tagline, supportive brand marks, and two custom patterns—one hinting of sandy shorelines, and the other of water—Brandy's signature aesthetic comes across seamlessly both digitally and in print. The final result feels like a beautiful inhale of salty sea air. With gentle splashes of color and movement, Brandy's visual identity feel peacefully minimalist, optimistic, and honoring of her timeless style.


the brand in three words...