Welcome to FORT: something elegant yet unexpected, minimal yet chic. Even a little (dare we say) sassy where it counts.

Portland Realtor, Amy Rhew, came to us seeking a custom brand for her all-new FORT Real Estate, a "modern and heartfelt collective" for courageous Realtors who dream of a new way of doing business, and a safe place for discerning buyers + sellers looking for a fresh, soulful kind of service.

The identity system reflects Amy's innovative and playful personality without sacrificing a mature professional spirit. The business wordmark's custom letterforms utilize a unique "outline" typeface with rounded edges to convey modern warmth and whimsy. A mix of graphic elements include versatile marks and bold colors in unexpected arrangements, speaking to FORT's innovation and confident edge. 

From the welcoming tagline to luminous patterns, the brand extends itself in a variety of thoughtful messages, infusing the aesthetic with a sense of both style and fun. This is a real estate brand that owns its boldness and invites others to be brave, too.

radiant. stylish. modern.

the brand in three words...