At the start of his rebrand, Sez Sezer told us that as a lover of architecture, homes, and people, he sees real estate as an opportunity to reflect his character and personality back to his career. We aimed to convey this brand story through visuals that evoke a sense of place and invite others to delight in his classic, meticulous service model...while boldly embracing a bit of flair, too.

The leading business Wordmark, centered around Sez's personal name, lays the foundation for what follows with the brand style. Edgy and confident serifs combine with soft curvatures to present a modern yet timeless spirit. Bold, unique details communicate a laid-back luxe aesthetic, connecting the Realtor to his people.

The brand's monogram Icon becomes a stand-out custom piece as well. A hand drawn graphic element, the piece evokes the warmth and sophistication inherent to the brand, with a transparent layout that communicates well across applications.
Meanwhile, the color palette utilizes contemporary takes on traditional hues of navy and gray to reflect the care, confidence, and freedom clients feel when partnering with Sez. The brand identity beautifully translates across an array of print and digital materials — from business cards to note cards, folders to social media templates — creating an elegant system built to last.

expert. meticulous. trustworthy

the brand in three words...