A Realtor out of San Diego, CA, Kelly came to us at a pivotal time in her business: after closing the chapter on a longstanding business relationship, she was stepping bravely into a fresh chapter as a professional, and sought a new brand to match.

For Kelly, we created a meaningful coastal story without utilizing the overused or cliche. Expansive patterns, hand touched details and a simple yet crafted tone depict her community with ease, encouraging her audience to find their place in her unique location and brand experience.
Distinct, softened letterforms create a minimalist aesthetic that translates easily across platforms. Playful supportive marks tell a story about location and mature professional experience. Meanwhile, the brand's leading muted, natural tones pair beautifully with the "pop" of Rust color for depth and grounding. 

Overall, a variety of custom elements converge to expand the visual language of the Kelly Coleman Homes system, adding playful, personal touches to this authentic brand.

bespoke. casual. organic.

the brand in three words...