Our Vancouver clients, Thu Pham and Ashley Smith, approached us at a pivotal time in their business—after recently switching brokerages and formalizing their working relationship as real estate partners. They craved a brand that not only reflected their market expertise, "full service" business model, and industry leadership (Ashley serves over 14,000 Realtors at the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver for 2019), but spoke to their love for minimalism, high style, and editorial energy.

We combined a predominantly black-and-white color palette with bold yet classic fonts, letting the maturity and impact of the typography speak for itself. Thu and Ashley's goal was to own a timeless brand that would remain authoritative over time, so I created a symbol-intensive icon to carry a powerful universal value. The icon uses minimalism to make a big statement: the blending of their business name initials, combined with a dynamic text wrap effect, establishes the beautifully high-end, editorial vibe that Thu and Ashley both love.

Playful modern touches, a memorable pop of yellow in the color palette, and a full family of supportive marks + taglines complete their brand, along with two custom patterns to carry the aesthetic forward with sophisticated character like none other.

iconic. editorial. minimalist.

the brand in three words...