For the Van Horn Team out of Oklahoma City — led by husband-and-wife Realtor duo, Caleb and Claire — we envisioned an identity that felt strong, serene, and layered with intention.

An inviting aesthetic allows cool colors, hand-touched type and artisanal details to convey the laid-back energy of the brand owners. Its modern eclectic/vintage style honors both timeless professional sensibilities and Claire's personal creativity as an art lover + artist herself.

For the leading business Wordmark, organic curvatures balance the strong geometry of serif linework, while custom detailing strikes a balance between soft and sharp. For the symbolic monogram icon, we combined the business initials into a seamless composition that hints at elements of a property, but overall feel graceful and proprietary. Claire later shared the special significance of the piece to Caleb and herself:

"You couldn't have known this when creating it, but the window/door monogram Icon is especially pleasing to us. It is strongly reminiscent of the rounded door of our personal home...curved on top, just like this Icon. So not only is the piece you've created beautiful and easily identifiable, it holds extra sentimental meaning for us."

As a whole, the Van Horn identity system deftly communicates Caleb and Claire's deepest professional values: expertise, approachability, kindness, creativity. From distinctive marks and signature elements, to abstract hand-painted patterns to that feel quietly chic (inspired by one of Claire's favorite artists, Cy Twombly), the brand experience overall promises visual interest and flexibility for a variety of applications. 

the brand in three words...

caring. artistic. chic.