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Start with leaning into emotional appeal and using value-linking to motivate your audience of buyers and sellers.

Let’s set up today with a simple 4-step, rinse-and-repeat marketing strategy for relocation buyers that no one else in your area is doing.

*Positioning* matters far more than niching. Nail your positioning and your niche will take care of itself.

How do you use past client stories as the conduit for selling belonging to the buyers and sellers who are most interested in believing the story you’re telling?

Today let’s focus on creating + deploying one strong, elegant Welcome Email that is versatile for ALL your new leads and helps you take action immediately.

These two Realtor rebrand stories may surprise you…

In great big crowed spaces, the littlest things matter most to standing out.

How do you become the “lifestyle real estate brand” you’ve always wanted to be?

People will not buy your WHY in real estate if you don’t get this right first…

Might not be easy, but beating Status Quo in your real estate marketing may be the most important victory of your track record.